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How can I ad another page to my existing menu?

  1. I have an established menu with 4 pages. My landing page is static and I want to leave it that way, but I want to start a page (and menu item) that I will call "Blog" and use it for my regular blog posts. I know how to use the "settings" menu to specify a page for the regular blogs, but I can't seem to add another item to my menu.

    When I click on "new Link" to write a post, it doesn't seem to go anywhere that can be found on my menu.

    Many thanks,
    Blog url:

  2. The page is currently a Draft. Once it's Published, it will automatically appear in the menu.

  3. Thanks, HE,but I did "publish" it, but it only shows up when I click on it from the Dashboard. You can't find the post anywhere else and there's no "blog" listed on my menu.

  4. It's still a Draft.

    When you edit it from the Dashboard, click the blue "Publish" button.

  5. James, I may be dense--but not that dense that I can see through Romney's lies. He's so out of touch he probably has someone chew his food for him.

    But I digress. I did press the blue button. Same results. It shows up nowhere and I don't have a "blog" item on my menu across the top of the page. Could we go back to how to add an item on the menu, or is that a function of writing my first real post?

  6. The page was still a Draft when I checked just now. I have clicked the blue "Publish" button to publish it for you. It is now in your menu.

  7. Wonderful. Don't know how it happened, but thanks so very much. I'm off with my weekly posts in the right place from now on.

    Do you have an e-reader? May I send you a free copy of my book? Buy you lunch? I'm in Reno so it might be a stretch. BTW, a friend of mine shook Biden's hand yesterday here at a speech. He's pretty thrilled.

    Thanks again.

  8. You're welcome!

    No compensation necessary. :)

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