How can I add a header using CSS? (on ‘Sliver Is the New Back’ theme)

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    Anyone know how to add a header using CSS? my blog is
    I didn’t pay for Custom CSS but I will so I’d be happy if anyone responds



    Check the resources here:

    Then you can test it using the free preview. You will NOT get step-by-step instructions out of anyone in the forum, there just aren’t enough people with the skills and that much time on their hands. There is very, very little support for CSS, which is why you should learn it before you make the purchase.



    Hey, looks like you play club penguin, same here, i asked the very same question!
    Heres the answer
    Where it says this:
    #header a {
    below put: background-image:url(‘image URL goes here’);
    If you wanna know more, go to my site and ask,
    =D Cya



    Thanks, I GOTTA go to your site instead of wasting my time posting

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