How can I add a like button for outsiders not on WordPress?

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    How can I add a like button for outsiders not on WordPress?
    As things stand, I have received e-mails from readers of my blog that wanted to click Like and could not without registering. Is it possible to have that function open to anyone landing on my blog?
    TY in advance, Taygibay

    The blog I need help with is



    no it’s not possible. The “like” button here at and at Facebook and everywhere else that has them is only for logged in members. Note that all that is required to register a username account is an email address and one dos not need to register a blog.



    P.S. As these people took the time to email you I suggest your inform them that you treasure comments. Comments are valuable relevant feedback from contributors to the success of your blog. Likes are merely bragging stats created by those who aren’t contributing to the blog.



    Thank you, timethief. It’s too bad it cannot work for the outside but I understand. I will answer those people to use comments instead.

    If you have the time at some point, I also still have recurring stats bugs
    and posted about it here again :

    It may not be an urgent matter but I would still like an answer at some point. I even had an idea that maybe those hits without countries might be staff visits from you people which would make sense.
    In any case, thanks for the explanation and have a good evening, Tay.

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