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how can I add a .pdf image from my desktop to my left home page sidebar?

  1. I tried using image widget, but it wants a URL address for the image. Isn't there a way I can open the media box and just drag and drop the image from my desktop?
    Blog url:

  2. Yes, the image widget needs a URL for the picture you want to use. Also note that the image must be .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, or .png not .pdf.

  3. thanks Tess! but, what would the URL look like? for ex: myphotoname.jpg?

  4. The url would be the link to the image. If it is uploaded to your media library, then you could find it there. If it is on Flickr or another image hosting site, then you could copy it from them.

    The key thing is that the picture has to be somewhere online so it has a link. If it is just a picture on your computer, iphone, or other device, then you must upload it to a place on the internet.

    With 3GB of storage space with your blog you have plenty of space for thousands of (properly compressed) files. And that would be my recommendation for the easiest most efficient way to upload your pic.

  5. It would look like http://WHAT_YOU_NAMED_THE_PICTURE_WHEN_YOU_PUT_IT_ONLINE.jpg

    or .gif or .png

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