How can I add a retweet button to my texts?

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    I want my reader to be able to retweet my article to their twitter account, how can I install the button? you know those Twitmeme button that shows the number of time your article have been retweeted?
    Anyone tried it? anyone can help me?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello! You could include into your post an image pointing to the “TwitThis” homepage, for instance (I tried it over there and it seems to work :)



    I recently happened upon Get Social Live and it works very well. It provides users with an important tool. Here is the site:

    Have a look at the posts on my blog and you will see that there is a bar at the end of each one that has 10 buttons for Digging, Tweeting, etc.

    Here’s what you do:

    1. Write your post as normal.
    2. Put the title and the permanent post link in the boxes on the Get Social page.
    3. Hit the Get Social button.
    4. Copy the code generated.
    5. Go back to your post and switch to HTML view.
    6. Go to the bottom and add a space and then paste the code (it is long but don’t worry).
    7. Switch back to visual to see how it looks. I always centre the bar in visual.

    Voila! Your readers can now easily send your post to 10 great social networking fora.





    (naturally, people first have to pick up the URL of your post but it’s not that hard, is it? :)



    Thanks a lot, John! (that’s a nice manner of speaking, indeed ;) Thanks again!



    Here’s a tweetmeme workaround for

    Here’s how to add a Tweetmeme button to your blog posts. w/o plugins or long cod



    WOW!(…the christmas gifts that I didn’t receive yet arrive at last! :)
    Thanks a lot, t3ck!!! That’s super great too! I’m so happy, here, you know… :)) hihihh Thanks!


    Hey guys, thank you so much. I haven’t tried it yet, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your input.
    I will try it this afternoon and let you know!
    Thanks again!


    Thank you John, lilmaouz and moderator.
    I did it!!! Eureka!!!
    I give you all the credit. Thank you.

    So I did the following:

    I added [tweetmeme source= ‘yourtwittername’ only_single=false] to the page I want.
    as simple as that!
    I did it on the visual (not HTML).

    It was so easy. I think is making this formula work. So people like me with zero tech. knowldge could add the button.
    Now my readers can retweet my blog’s entries if they like it! yuuuupyyyyyy

    Thank you all! This forum is incredibly efficient thanks to you!

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