How can I add a Script to my blog?

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    Please Help!!

    I would like to add a SWICKI to my blog but I cannot find the right place to add the code.. can somebody help me?

    when I add the code on the blog code it does not work, and I just see this code when uploaded



    I politely point out that not all of us know what a SWICKI is. A link would have been nice. So would have been a copy of the code you’re trying to add in.

    Unless of course you can tell me what book I’m currently holding up in front of the monitor. :)

    I can’t get a Swicki generated without creating an account. I’m going to guess that the Swicki is JavaScript based unless you tell me otherwise. Javascripts are removed from user input since they’re a security risk. It would be child’s play to lift login cookies if they were allowed. This is also discussed in the FAQ as well.

    Hope this helps,


    Member is a swicki i was ready to ask the same question



    The script (yes it’s javascript) looks like this…
    ‘<script charset=”UTF-8″ type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><noscript><font size=”-1″>check out the elkos swicki at</font></noscript>’

    They say they allready have a widget
    ‘We now have a Swicki Widget for your blog! Firstly you need to upgrade your WordPress blog to allow widgets. Details are listed here. Unzip our Swicki Widget, copy the swicki.php file into your ‘wp-content/plugins/widgets’ folder on your WordPress installation. Then you enable it on your “Plugin Management” page in WordPress. From there in “Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets” you should see a “Swicki” widget you can now use on your blog! From there you can fill in the details of your Swicki from the data below thru the “Configure” part of the Swicki Widget.

    Here are the required bits of data to use the Swicki Widget on your blog

    1. GroupKey: a631a1a8-ab31-41af-9ce5-67181b2ac253
    2. SecKey: b935727f-0f0d-47fa-99ba-bf45ca61d37a
    3. Shortname: elkos
    4. Title: elkos ‘

    any ideas anyone?




    You cannot add Javascript to a blog. If what you have is a blog (ie you downloaded the software and installed it yourself in your own webspace) then you need to be at the support forums, not here.

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