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how can i add a song ??

  1. hello

    i'd like how can i add a song to start playing as soon as someone opens my blog
    it should be in a player on the left for example and starts automatically when someone opens the page, and with option of disabling the sound for exemple
    i saw this feature on some blogspot blogs but i don't know it's it's possible to add it on wordpress??

  2. nope u aint able to add songs media such as imeem to


    There is nothing, since the death of Sonific, that will autoplay when a blog opens, but there are several audio options.

  4. so bad, i really wanted to add this feature :(

    i think the other alternative i have is putting music in a player in the posts like shown here

    since my account is free (basic wp account) i won't be able to upload music to my blog, do u know any website that gives this service for free so i can be able to upload the mp3s and use the direct links???

  5. Use,,, or google.

  6. thanks i'll try one of them
    didn't know google have upload options :$

  7. which application in google allows u to upload mp3??
    i didn't find it :(

  8. and don't give direct links to the song, to download the song u should go through their website
    so i can't use the link in my wp blog to have the song in streaming player, i tried it before and the files don't last long they got deleted after a while for copyrights

    so the last solution is google, but i didn't figure out which application allows me to upload mp3 and got direct links :(

  9. @catshade

    thank you very much

    it's really working, u saved me ^_^

    but just one bad thing, it's limited to 100MB :(
    but np, i'll try to manage to use them the best i can lol

  10. See my post above.

  11. Argh, damned time-lags. Glad to help, aigoo ^^

  12. emm, i still have a small problem

    i managed to add the player correctly on my blog

    but when i press play, it's on buffering and never starts :(

    what can the problem be

  13. ok, i found out the answer in that same page
    i should be only .mp3
    .wma doesn't work

    ok, got it

  14. Sonific is dead and we have no music. Boo-hoo :-(

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