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How can I add a subpage to a page

  1. glorygotchrist

    Can someone tell me how I can add a subpages to a page. E.g. My "about" page if i want to add another page to the about page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. metcalfecommunityassociation

    Create a new page and choose the "About" page as the parent under "Attributes"

  3. Before I answer your question I went to your blog and found you are copying and pasting entire artcles from other sites. That's a violation of copyright! At most you can post only brief quotes and a link back to the source. Otherwise what you are doing is not blogging it's splogging ie. it's content theft.
    Read the ToS section on copyright and know the law applies in cyberspace just as it does in print media in our offline lives.

  4. Blogs that violate our advertising policy or fall into one of the following categories are not allowed on

    Scraper blogs: Blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission (this is sometimes called scraping). If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone!

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