how can i add custom buttons to blog?

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    I would like to add customized social media bottons to the top-right side of my blog rather than adding standard buttons using the text widget. From what I can see from searching online, this is not possible on Is this correct? If so, what can I do to allow this on my site? I purchased my own domain, but it is hosted by The blog URL is: My concern with moving to is that I will have to self-host, and this seems above and beyond my area of expertise. Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Top right side? Isn’t that IN your widget area? If you mean above that, in the header, it’s theoretically possible I THINK, if you know a great deal about CSS editing and get the Custom Domain upgrade. Staff are available to help if you make the purchase, which they won’t be at

    But it is surely simpler to switch to one of the themes that has social media buttons built in.



    Just download them, from example from here:



    Then upload them into your widgets (image or text*) and there you go.

    *new window <img src=”IMG”>
    same window <img src=”IMAGEURL”>

    Let me know if you need any more help.



    This blog as your note above is not a free hosted blog and you are posting to the wrong support forum if that’s the blog you are asking about. and are completely separate. Read this and note the support forum for those with self hosted installs is here >

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