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How can I add

  1. carolineinckle

    I've noticed a lot of folk have a row of options at the bottom of a post such as 'stumble it' or 'add to' how can I get this on my blog?
    Anyone know?

  2. I've got one word for you: 'GetSocial'

    It will automatically put Social Bookmarking icons on your blog posts (such as & Digg) and you will also get the 'Add to Facebook' button.

    GetSocial was made especially for bloggers; it's fast, easy to use and absolutely free!

    Get it here:

  3. I download it and it's super easy to you use... =)


  4. oops
    I download "GetSocial" ands it's super easy to use... =)


  5. Hi teck07,

    Why not upgrade to the new version of GetSocial (1.01), it will get rid of the image frames around your social bookmarking icons for you. (Just visited your blog btw - cheers!)

    Check it out here:

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