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how can i add facebook links to my old posts?

  1. Hey,

    I've been blogging for more than a year so most of my posts were written before wordpress had the add to facebook option. so how can i activate it for all the posts simultaneously? because adding that option individually is a herculean task. kindly help.

  2. Link to your WordPress blog please


    i wish to add facebook, delicious, and other available options to every post.
    thank you.

  4. There's no automated way to do it all at once, but you'll find GetSocial is probably the easiest; it's an application that you download. Shareware.

  5. Here is the Get Social tutorial I wrote up Written Tutorial/Video Tutorial

    Note you can Download Get Social from either tutorial Get Social is for windows only

    Also How to link your name to your blog

  6. aniche got "Matured" for some reason awhile back.

  7. yeah i know which is terribly unfair i felt but i guess i shouldn't care about losing several readers since I write mainly for myself.

  8. i've never uploaded pornographic images nor written porn. Sure, my writing is a bit graphic and unrestrained but I felt that came under the "freedom of speech" thing. anyways.

  9. Yes, it surprised me. God knows, I've always been more offensive than you. But Facebook exposure will help.

    You do know you can use a Facebook app to import all your new posts automatically, right? There are several: Notes, or the WordPress for Facebook app, which I find a bit buggy.

  10. I didn't quite get the last bit. I can use the application and do what? How would that help? Could you break it down for me?

  11. You can use the application and then every time you make a new post, it automatically shows up on your Facebook page. That way all your Facebook friends can see the link to your post when THEY sign in to Facebook and check it out. I gather it's RSS based, so it only works for new posts. It also appears not to work once you've set a sticky post; it somehow blocks the subsequent ones from showing up until you take it unsticky.

  12. pornstarbabylon

    You can use Twitter too. I don't link from there but I think me talking about whatever I talk about gets me traffic to my blog on their own. My traffic has risen since Twitter though I don't link from there. Imagine if I linked! But I know there are people that watch what I write. :(

  13. Twitter is my BIGGEST referrer right now.

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