How can I add footnotes to my text?

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    How can I add footnotes to my text? I know that this may sound a silly question, but I am new here.



    There are no silly questions. You’ll have to format it by hand, although I don’t know if you can achieve a superscript. You might have to use asterisks. The Paste from Word option might work, but creating posts in Word often causes problems. See the FAQ for more.


    If you mean footnote numbers that link to actual footnotes, you have to use ‘page jump’ links – see here:

    In case this is (justifiably) incomprehensible to you, let me try to tailor it to footnotes.

    Where you want your first reference, you can write:
    <a href="#f1"> [1]</a>
    After the end of the main text, your first footnote should have
    <a name="f1">1. </a>
    followed by the text of the footnote.

    Same for the rest of your footnotes (replace the 1s with 2s, etc.).



    Thanks for the tip panaghiotisadam,
    I’m adding this to my favs for further reference.


    Hi, dlager – glad you liked that!



    Expanding on panaghiotisadam’s tips, you can make the footnote link back to the post.
    Write this where you want to make the footnote
    <a href="#X" id="refX"><sup>[FOOTNOTE]</sup></a>
    Where you want to link back to the post text, write
    <a href="#refX" id="X">BACK TO POST</a>
    The “X” is only used for internal linking. You can replace that with a code or number of your own choice, e.g. “footnote1″ or “fn1″ or whatever, just remember to keep the “#” and the “ref”. “FOOTNOTE” can be a number or letter or whichever you use to designate footnotes. “BACK TO POST” can be a text of your own choice.


    Nice follow-up, wpvstp! Next time someone asks, I’ll link to your post.

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