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How can I add in Meta Data?

  1. I am new here and am determined to get this thing figured out. I have read through the documentation but still cannot find that area to insert meta data. It says to include it in the "template file" but I do not know how to access that. Am I missing something?

    If someone could give me remedial directions I would REALLY appreciate it.


  2. We can't modify our themes here as we're on a shared environment here and if you were allowed to modify the themes, you would be changing them for everybody and they would be doing that to you.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Im looking for the same thing for my blog!

  4. Please read this and understand that we cannot access our underlying templates and edit them here

    If you want that kind of ability you must hire a web host and download a free template from httP:// and if you do that then you can also have a blog with advertising, unlike us here at

  5. Boy, I hope those aren't affliate links on your site, rabbithunt.

  6. What blog? It's been totally cleaned out.

  7. What I meant was that is an empty blog. This one however is not so maybe that's the one you meant.

  8. I believe that's the blog the poster was pointing us to in their post.

  9. I think some of the recent changes at Blogger have sent some of their demographic over here, expecting an identical experience. I'm reporting at least one spam blog every time I look at my Dashboard lately!

  10. No kidding! I got 7 clobbered yesterday - all at blogspot (casino, drug sales and prono) and today I reported 2 spam blogs at

  11. Every blog sent in is checked - so please do send them in.

    If you send lots I probably won't reply to every one but they are still checked and nuked where needed.

  12. @Mark
    I will be delighted to continue hunting them down and reporting them to you and you can put me on the list of "don't bother to notify". I know you are doing the job and I don't need to hear the outcome. IMHO nuking another new one is a better use of your time than letting me know what happened to the ones that went before.

  13. Um, I do hope someone didn't miss the report on the valuepoker one up there as I note it's still online.

  14. Haven't you reported it yet? I assumed you had done so prior to posting to this thread.

  15. I told them to remove all but 2 links.
    The clock is ticking on them - if they don't go the blog does.

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