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How can I add more widgets?

  1. Hi,

    I am using the Rubric theme which allows for nine widgets only. This calls for restriction and I often have to juggle my options on what to include. Is there some way I can add more widgets? I know of pages and blogroll but its not the same as having a widget you'd agree.

    I wish to include the Alexa ranking widget and I dont have a free widget.. help!

  2. Rubric allows for more than 9 widgets overall. I just added 11 into my test blog and it took them and displayed them happily.

    Do you mean text widgets? The 9 text widget limit is a hard limit set by But you can put more than one thing in each text widget. For example, I have one labeled "Stay in touch" that has links to my email, my RSS feed, a site bookmarklet and an email subscription link.

  3. Ohhh!! I get it now.. Thanks a million katm.. I had no idea it of its multi-use(?) have solved all my probs. thanks once again :)

  4. Drat!! I rejoiced too soon. Its not working Katm.. I tried on two widgets..included the code for alexa below the cde of my copyscape.. what appeared was */.. thts it..What am I doing wrong. I have noticed that on saving the code when checked appears. But on coming back after checking the site.. the widget shows a broken code or an incomplete one.

    Do the codes that go into each have to be less inimical.. e.g your example is for a single function. While I am inserting it on whats available or advisable location wise.

  5. Can you paste the code into a reply in this forum thread? Put it between backticks (`). It's the key (on a US keyboard) to the left of the 1 and above the tab.

    My guess (from your description) is that the code has some sort of javascript/flash in it. Those are going to be stripped out.

    But let me see what I can find on Alexa's site.

  6. Yeah. You're not going to be able to use them. All of the Alexa widgets are written using javascript. I guess this is so they can be generated dynamically.

    <SCRIPT type='text/javascript' language='JavaScript' src=''></SCRIPT>

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  7. No probs.. you tried katm..but what of me now.. I tried creating an alternate page on Blogroll..named it Alexa changed my default settings to Alexa.. and then ..NOTHING!

    :( why does life have to be so complicated?

  8. Actually, I think kaveetaakaul has a point.

    I also would like more than nine widgets. I already multi-purpose a number of them, but there's a limit to the flexibility, especially if you want to break things up in the side column and insert text or pics into the widgets between other stuff (blogroll, recent posts, etc.) And if you like to update and move widgets around regularly, like I do, it also is faster to have one item per widget (and just shuffle them up and down the column).

    Maybe a WP person could comment on this... can't we have a few more? huh? can't we? Why so stingy? They're just little widgets, after all...

  9. You mean you'd like more than nine text widgets, or more widgets in general? Because Rubric definitely has more than nine widgets; I count at least 24. If you need more text or RSS widgets, you can scroll down past the available widgets area and add more.

    If you want to make a suggestion or get feedback from staff, the best way is to send them an email once support opens; staff monitor the forums but we're mostly volunteers, so you'll have a better chance of getting through if you contact them directly.

  10. Dear CJWriter
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I mean more text widgets. I am already on the maximum nine. I wonder why it is not possible to have a larger number.
    RE. support, this is another funny thing about WordPress (which I should say, on the whole is great and beats the pants off Blogger and other platforms) -- "Normal support hours are Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Pacific Time". I am in Hong Kong and usually update my blog in the morning. Here it is exactly 12 hours from Pacific Time (although curiously the Pacific is only an hour or so away). I don't understand why I should wait for working hours in the US to be able to lodge a query with the support team. I don't expect an instant reply. Why can't there be a form where we can lodge questions and support reply in their own time? Other internet services do this.
    Maybe you or another volunteer could pass this along to Support just this once, so I don't have to stay in the office until 9pm in order to do so.
    thanks again

  11. I see your point about the text widget... I'm using about 4 and 9 is quite a lot, but if you like dividing your sidebar into different sections, I can see how you'd go through the 9 quite quickly. You can separate some of your content by using <br>, particularly if it's just clusters of images, but if you're using them for your blogroll. etc, that wouldn't work. Maybe having an option to upgrade to more widgets would be useful (like we can purchase an upgrade to the space allowance)?

    As for contacting support, it can be a problem sometimes; I live in Australia, so it doesn't usually open here until about midnight. On the whole I haven't had many problems with WP, though, so I don't mind staying up late occasionally to send a support message. And a lot of the other problems are handled in the forums, which staff do monitor as well. So I don't think there's a way round it, or at least not until Automattic expands; and if they do, it might not be the same service we have now. If you can't get through to support, maybe you could start a new thread in the ideas forum; that might be the next best thing.

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