how can I add some buttons, chats or clocks in HTML to my sidebar?

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    I need help. I’m new and I want to put some things in my sidebar but i don’t know how. Try to write in simple english cause i speak spanish. thanks



    If your blog is self hosted or web hosted then you are in the wrong forum. You should be over here

    If you have a blog this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

    Provided the image is not an iframe, embed or java script then inserting an image into a text widget and displaying it in your sidebar will result from following this walk through.

    -> write post -> upload image -> send image to editor – > copy the entire image code -> presentation -> sidebar widgets – > text widget -> open text widget and paste in the image code – > save changes

    There are no clocks that I know of that are not javascript coded so they are a “no go”.

    The meebo widget is for messaging and chat. The widget link above will help with set up but you have to register here



    Mi blog is the second one type. I will see the page that you give me.

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