How can I add thumbnails to linked articles on my blog?

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    Again, I am a beginner that is not familiar with code. I tried attaching a featured image to the links that i placed in the link category “Related Articles”, but the photos do not appear next to the link. Seems like this would be an easy fix, but i have not been able to come up with the answer. Is this a theme related issue?Please help me!

    The blog I need help with is


    … Or is it code related? I really want my page to look professional, but this makes it look very ameteur.


    I’m a novice working on WPbeginner, using the Mystique theme. I have changed the settings to show ratings, comments, and likes on all posts, as I will be looking for as much feedback as possible when it is time to launch publicly. My question is: Can I remove these items from individual posts?



    Hi there,

    The links and category widgets don’t show featured images in them, so that’s not possible to do.

    You can indeed turn Likes off for individual posts/pages. In the editor window, you should see a module to turn them off (scroll down).

    Not sure if that totally answers your questions, so feel free to reply if you need more help! :)


    Thanks for your clearly stated help jackiedana,

    1. I realize now that there is no option for a featured image on the links widget now, but there is an advanced box at the bottom containing a text box titled image address. Will that give me what I’m looking for?

    2. Can I remove the rating stars?


    Oh yeah, when creating a gallery, is it possible to link each image to a page or post?



    Hi mrmikesaunders,

    Good job, you earned yourself a cookie! I did not realize you could attach an image to a link in the Links widget… just shows that there’s always something new to learn. :)

    The ratings stars may or may not appear – it seems to be theme dependent. Do you have an example where you are seeing the stars?

    Galleries are self-contained, but you can add links to individual images when you upload them to a post or page.


    I figured out the ratings thing. Thanks for the heads up on the galleries… So you’re saying that the advanced box IS how you attach pics? How do I do that?



    Hi there,

    Yes, you can add an image to a link in the Links widget by using the Image Address box in the Advanced module for that link. You will need to add the address (URL) of the image you want to use in that box.

    If the image is uploaded to your blog’s media library, you can get the image address by going to Media > Library in your dashboard. Hover over the image you want to use and click the Edit link that appears. On the right side of the screen, you will see “File URL” with the image’s address in that box. You can copy that address and paste it in the Image Address box for the link.

    If you have any questions about this, please let me know!


    Thank you rachelmcr. This is the exact process I was trying, but I was not clicking Update Link. Thanks for ponting me in the right direction. You have successfully engineered my happines!



    You’re welcome — I’m glad I could help! :)



    I am having a similar problem that I didn’t have before. Before I was able to share a post on my facebook page and select a thumbnail. Now, I do not get a choice of thumbnail but the same old header picture is showing up. How can I revert back to a choice of thumbnails from the post?



    Hi ardenn, the issue you describe is actually a different one from the issue described in this thread. Can you please start a new forum thread with your question? Thanks!

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