how can I add widgits if I myself cannot see?

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    I am a visually impaired blogger who would like to have just as much freedom in personalizing my blog as someone who can see has. I would like to add widgits and add sharing options, but both of those options require the blogger to drag selections down to a certain part of the page with a mouse, which I am unable to do. In future, may I suggest that instead of having users drag widgits and other blogging options down on a page, that you put checkboxes on all of the options, along with brief descriptions of each option–where appropriate–just as you’ve done now–so that those who cannot see but who wish to blog can add the widgits they want to add to their blog? I use a talking computer program that only operates with keystrokes, as I am unable to use a mouse. Putting checkboxes on all of the widgit and sharing options, instead of asking bloggers to drag them down the page, would make it much more accessible for us bloggers who cannot see.
    Thank you.
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    You can enable the accessibility mode for the widget editor by clicking on Screen Options and then on Enable Accessibility Mode. This will let you edit widgets without using drag and drop.

    I’m sorry, but we don’t currently have an accessible version of the sharing settings page. I will pass your suggestion forward, and we will hopefully add this in a future update.

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