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How can i aline the title of the post to the right side ?

  1. In the message itself i always add <p dir="rtl" align="right"> tag for writing right-to-left,
    But how i can do that with the title of the post ?

  2. I don't think we have formatting options with our titles; god knows I've tried. This would take the CSS upgrade to implement, I think, so is it worth the cost to you?

  3. [quote]so is it worth the cost to you?[/quote]
    Not really , but there are few website based on wordpress that supports writing titles with right aline.
    ( is one of them, but i still prefer to post my blog over here)

  4. Yes, software, hosted elsewhere, is more flexible, no question. I'm surprised, given the number of alphabets that aren't left-to-right that there aren't template options like that already among our selections. I suggest sending in a feedback requesting that.

  5. Somethings up because I know we support this out of the box with even the regular WPMu software without any issue.

    I can't find any of them on my own WPMu site right off though to check how they do it...

  6. [quote]Somethings up because I know we support this out of the box with even the regular WPMu software without any issue.[/quote]
    If you ever find a way i would be more than happy to hear about it,
    i know i'm not the only one that search for a solution for this problem.

  7. I come across this blog -
    That blog has everything that i asked, title aline to the right and comments aline to the right !
    Anybody knows how can i set it on my blog as well ??

  8. Why not leave that blogger a comment and ask? It might be the template, or they might be using Custom CSS. (update: I see that the theme is Blix)

  9. A quick search shows that RTL support has to be turned on in the backend. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and inquire about this. I added the rtl tag to this thread. If you click on it, there's a couple of other threads discussing this.

  10. ^
    I submitted a feedback and administers set my blog for full Hebrew rtl support.

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