How can I allow user submitted posts on my blog?

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    I have just launched a blog on I want to allow users to submit their own content for me to then upload onto the blog as separate posts. How is this possible?

    I have seen that allows plugins but does not. So is there a way that users/readers can easily upload their own posts to a blog? I don’t think I am technically advanced enough to start a blog.


    The blog I need help with is


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    No, not directly. You could invite people to be authors or contributors to your blog:

    Or you could invite readers to write stories in your comments.

    Or you could use the contact form so readers could email their stories for you to post. The contact form keeps your email private so spam bots won’t be contacting you directly.


    Thanks a lot for your response. So there is no way for readers to directly upload content. Perhaps the contact form is the best way because presumably they would not have to sign up to contribute.

    If someone puts something in the comment section of a particular blog post am I able to take their content to upload as a new blog post or can it only be used as a comment?


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    You could do that, but it would be wise to tell the folks who comment that you would like to do that. Just to be polite.



    Note that this will only allow text and youtube posts, unless they also find a place to upload images and include the URL in the comment. And that is a HUGE security risk. HUGE. That is why icanhascheezburger for instance pays several thousand dollars a month for hosting.

    You may want a wiki, which is designed for collaboration.

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