How Can I apply a purchased word press theme to my URL?

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    Hi, I am running blog and I also have URL which I have got registered with another site. I also have web hosting space with me. Yesterday I purchased a theme RUSH from word press itself. I have uploaded all the files of RUSH theme to my hosting space, and connected my URL to my hosting space as well, but when I open my, it is directed to my blog. Can you please help me out in this. Please tell me how can I apply my new purchased theme RUSH to my site, and I also do not want to redirect site URL to my blog. Many Thanks. Please respond.

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff is a site. Themes can’t be uploaded to blogs hosted on They can only be uploaded to self-hosted blogs running on software. You can read more about the differences between and here:

    I am seeing point to your self-hosted .org site. If you are trying to get it to point to your site, log into your site’s dashboard, click on Store–>Domains, enter in the “add a domain” box and click the “add domain” button. Then simply follow the instructions that appear to map your domain.

    Please let me know if you have further questions or if anything is unclear.


    Thanks for the reply. But my concern is still there. My problem is that my URL has been redirected to my blog URL automatically even when I did not try for mapping. As I wrote earlier, I had purchased web hosting space and a wordpress theme named RUSH. I connected my URL and the purchased theme to my hosting space. But what I found my URL was redirected to my blog i.e. Please, suggest, how can I undo this unwanted mapping? I want to apply RUSH theme to my site and not to my blog. Thanks a lot. your suggestions would be a great help really.



    Here is a screenshot showing and side by side:

    There is no Domain mapping upgrade on the account you are posting from and and is not showing namservers. Both of which would be required to map it to a site:

    It could be that your browser is displaying at a cached version of the page. You can try either clearing your cache, using a different browser, or loading the page and then holding the shift key while you click reload/refresh.


    Thanks for the response. It is solved now. I got the new theme with my URL. Thanks again for your quick responses.



    Great to hear!

    Glad that you got it sorted out.

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