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How can I ask a question about email addresses with providing contact informatio

  1. contructiveconservative

    If you're right there how come I'm still trying to get the situation corrected almost a year later?

    This is a question which involves blogs, names, emails, and passwords...I just don't see how I can ask the questions I need to ask on an open forum...Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. contructiveconservative

    Actually, the blog I need help on is not the one listed above. In fact, I don't believe there is a particular blog on which I need help, it's a bit deeper than that...


  3. Have you tried... support[at]

  4. contructiveconservative


    Meaning aside from here and hitting the support button which seems to bring me here?

    Is there some other way to get support?


  5. Yes, the e-mail address I've provided you above.

  6. contructiveconservative

    Thank you, and I really mean it. but apparently I must be missing something.

    When I use that address it simply puts me back into the system which brings me back to the support/forum page, and

  7. Indeed, it's an e-mail address, you have to replace the [at] with an @ and send an e-mail to it. E-mails sent to that address do not end up on the support forums.

  8. @ardpete
    Ho! ho! ho! to you ;)

  9. Hi TT :D

  10. @contructiveconservative: I sent you an email so that you can explain your question and provide the sensitive information, please reply when convenient.

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