How can I authorize my account to connect to Twiiter?

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    I clicked on, first, my profile name, second, “Manage Blogs,” and, third, the words, “Authorize my Twitter account,” only to connect immediately to a page that displayed the following words:

    Twitter HolyRoller10 User ManagementNew TweetSettingsHelp Woah there!
    This page is no longer valid. It looks like someone already used the token information you provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again … it was probably an honest mistake.

    •Go to Twitter.
    You can revoke access to any application at any time from the Applications tab of your Settings page.

    By authorizing an application you continue to operate under Twitter’s Terms of Service. In particular, some usage information will be shared back with Twitter. For more, see our Privacy Policy.
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    Hi there,

    Could you try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and then try again:

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