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How can I avoid to be found on Google?????

  1. It is REALLY bother me!!!!!

    I've set up my privacy as "no one will see my blog without my approval"

    BUT!!! why people still can see my blog existing on google when they google my user name or email ???????

    It shows many posts of mine with the title. Yeah, even though people can't see the content but they still can see the title!!!!! I don't even want any one else except the specific person to find out what I post on WordPress!!!!!

    And the biggest problem I've already deleted the blog...but when I google my old username/email, it STILL SHOWS EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    If you click any of them, you will see "This blog is no longer exist", but WHY CAN I STILL SEE THE TITLE OF MY POSTS???

    I've tried to figure it out for the whole night.....but still nothing changed....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please be aware that Google and Bing only clear their caches of content that has been indexed every 3 - 6 months. All issues you have with search engines are beyond our control.

  3. @Staff
    I am being censored. Every time I comment and the words "search engines" appears in my comments they are sent to the spam filter. That cannot happen unless Staff have fed that information to Akismet. Well, I am not posting anything that's incorrect and I am not a spammer, so those dogs don't hunt! I want whatever is triggering this and whoever set this up trigger up to fix it - now!

    edit by Tess:
    I've removed the spam designation. Sorry but I cannot explain why you were filtered. I'll try to contact staff about this continuing problem.

  4. Since you apparently recently deleted your old site, you will have to wait for Google to crawl it again to clear it out its cache. has no control over this.

    edit by Tess:
    Jen, I removed the OP's comment and addy. Sorry I cannot explain why that happened.

  5. You seem to be saying that you have set your blog to private and then you are saying you deleted it. Whichever one it is, if your blog was public before you made that change then you will have to wait for the search engines to clear their cache which can take a few months. If you were adding 'Password Protected' posts on a public blog then search engines WILL index the post titles, but as you already know, no-one can see the content.

  6. Thanks for the assist, Tess.

    @lizconbabi12- If you want to try and speed up the process of removing your old blog from Google results, you can try the procedure mentioned on the page that timethief pointed to above under the section "I changed my privacy settings and I don’t want to be in Google". Good luck!

  7. @Tess
    Thanks for the assist.

  8. Now there's an odd thing. When i replied to this thread, mine was the only reply. And now it looks like my reply came after others and looks stupid now. How did that happen?

  9. It happened because my comments and justjennifer's comments made earlier were stuck in the spam filter and Tess had to fish them out.

  10. LOL ok i did wonder as i wouldn't have replied with mine if the other answers had been there. I thought i'd lost my mind there for a moment. Thanks for explaining.

  11. As a volunteer I'm not always here to moderate the forums. Sorry for the confusion: I cannot change to order of the posts.

  12. 1tess it's not a problem, i just wondered because i wouldn't have answered if i'd seen the others, that's all. It makes my reply look silly because i'm more or less repeating what was already said, i just didn't know it at the time LOL

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