How can I back up my media library?

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    we have an art website with many images uploaded from different places, and I’d like to be able to back up the media library, and not just generate an xml backup of non-art content. how can I do this? thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not possible to directly export media files. runs on multiple servers to backup and secure your data.

    It’s possible to set up a local WordPress installation and import the XML files into it, this will also move all the media files to your local machine. You can read more about this at



    I’ve done the installs of MAMP & wordpress, but I don’t want to host the site or move the files, just copy them to back them up, and I’m not seeing that option. at I’m seeing how to import everything but the media library. any clues on that? I’ve also heard that there’s a plugin to backup to dropbox. is that a possibility? thanks



    Hi there,

    I double-checked, and the media files SHOULD transfer just fine as long as the blog you’re exporting is live and functioning as you are doing the import to your self-hosted.

    You don’t have to delete your current blog, you can just locally host (not connect to the internet, in other words) the exported file – it won’t wipe out what you have on your blog when you export!

    We call all installations self-hosted, so we use the term freely; however, in your case, if you just keep the installation on your localhost using MAMP and never set up with a server, you don’t need to worry about actually hosting your blog yourself (even though you’ll be hosting a static version locally).

    Just remember, you won’t be updating the local version when you update your live version. You can continue to export from your live blog and import to your local blog as much as you like, and you shouldn’t get duplicate entries.

    There may or may not be a plugin for dropbox for, but we don’t currently support third-party plugins for However, we do have a variety of widgets that are very useful! In this particular instance, however, the thing I think you’ll want to do is the export/import.

    I hope that helps!



    Thanks, but this isn’t working for me – the site I’m working with is hosted on, so I don’t have a database to install, or even the nishita theme to import, just an xml file, which doesn’t include media files. Are there more instructions, or am I going down the wrong path?



    as an aside, I noticed that the wp-config-sample.php that I uploaded with wordpress doesn’t have a closing tag ‘?>’ so until I fixed it, the pages errored out right away.



    Hi again,

    Thanks for the note on the config file – I’ve passed it on to the internal team.

    The XML file should transfer your media library to – here’s the specific information from the support document:
    Note: The current version of the installation gives you the option to import uploaded files, but the blog you are importing from must be live and serving images properly in order for it to work. So, do not delete your blog until after media files have successfully been imported into the new blog.
    Here’s the support doc:

    Have you tried uploading the XML file and it isn’t pulling in those images? If so, let me know and I’ll see if there is an additional requirement that your blog be live.

    Paid themes are blog-specific, and can’t be transferred. Free themes will have to be enabled on every separate instance.

    It sounds like you’re on the right path, just not quite at the end yet!

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