How can I be an Incognito author in one of my blogs?

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    Hi! I have three blogs here and I love being recognized as the author of two but the third one is very personal and I like for anyone to be able to read it without knowing it’s me who owns/writes in it. Maybe by having an incognito author name.

    How canI do this? I have searched the forums and maybe I am missing something because I haven’t found a question like this.

    Do I have to just open a different account and star another online person to do this or is there an internal way to manage that?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    New name – new email – new account – then invite the “new you” to join as editor etc to the “private blog” –

    Then go through the “private blog” and remove all traces of your original name – also NEVER MENTION THE PRIVATE BLOG TO ANYBODY – EVEN US!!! If you have a question about the “private blog” log in here and ask as the “new you”



    PS – there are other ways people can figure out who is who depending on the type of personal info or maybe company specific (employer) etc,

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