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How can I be sure that my blog is private?

  1. How can I be sure that my blog is unpublished?

  2. maybe you can try logging out and going to your blog url.

  3. @sulz
    I think the blogger is actually asking how to set the blog up to be "private". At the moment it's a new blog that's empty except for one short post and it's public.

    Dashboard => Options => Privacy

  4. well, the way he questioned it, i thought he had made it private already and wanted to be sure if it is.

  5. Yeah, at first I thought so too then I checked the blog. It's no problem for me as I'm on high-speed but you're not. (I check every one.)

  6. You can send in a feedback on Monday asking the administrators to label your site as a mature blog.

  7. Hi nosy,
    The blog does not have "mature" content at this point and the blogger may not intend to have "mature" content. :)

  8. But that's one way of keeping it private here on WordPress. Would have to also do
    Dashboard => Options => Privacy
    so to keep it off search engines too.

  9. TT,
    (I check every one.)

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