How can I block “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)”

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    Hi, how may I block “Possibly related posts” which are automatically generated from being on my blog? It’s confusing my readers. please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    A search on the support pages for “possibly related posts” brought this: .



    Yes… I just searched for how to remove these, too, and this is the way.



    Classyurbangirl, I am very curious. Now that you know that if you remove possibly related posts from your posts you will not show up on anyone else’s possibly related posts list – are you still going to remove them? When I found out about this, I decided against it. Because by the time someone gets to the related posts they should have finished reading your post anyway (I doubt if people check them before they read your post) and if your post was good they will probably come back to your blog even if they leave. The key word here is “possibly” most of the time 2 out of 3 really aren’t related afterall. Please let me know what you plan to do or if you think my logic makes sense for you. Thanks for the question.



    Got to Appearance > Extras > Checkmark Hide Related posts > then click > Update Extras



    I have a possibly related post on my blog which isn’t even remotely related. What is the point in having them there if they are irrelevant?



    Hits. To generate hits across and to whichever mainstream media sites they choose to include just because. It’s based on a word search of the text as far as I can see, since I posted a John Lennon interview and the Related Links were all to mating sites, because he used the word “mate.”

    I turned it off when I realized that it also went to mainstream media sites who DO NOT link back into the system. So it’s not fair, and it’s rather insulting, isn’t it, to the bloggers?


    Does anyone find this feature useful? I just wasted half a day trying to figure out where the automatically generated possibly related (but totally irrelevant) posts came from and how to remove them from my blog post. I finally found the information I needed on this forum. Thank you!!



    May be there’s a way to block some selected sites from appearing in the Possibly Related lists? Otherwise, the feature itself isn’t that bad.



    No, there is not.

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