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How can I break the posts into different pages?

  1. While i continue to write posts, the page is going longer and longer. So, can I break them into pages? Please advise and thanks.

  2. Every post is automatically it's own webpage as well: just click on the title of any post to see that. If you think the main page of your blog is getting too long, you can change the number of posts that display on a page on Dashboard -- > Options, or use the More icon (the dotted line) to break up your posts so readers have to click on a button to read the rest of your post.

  3. thanks for your prompt reply.

  4. I understand this, but i want to have a few themed pages. lets say that i have posts about cats, dogs, and myself. I want the posts about myself on a seperate page so people can click directly to the link and read only pages about myself, not the cats and dogs. is this possible?

    sploog you might want to read this to understand what's a post and a page.

  6. You might also want to read up on tags/categories. If you tag your posts properly, people can just click on the tag in your sidebar and automatically get a page with all of those posts (Cat, dog, whatever). If you want to PREVENT people from reading posts other than those in a particular category, you should have them on separate blogs altogether.

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