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How can I bring back the events on my embedded Google Calendar?

  1. I've embedded a Google Calendar on my site ( using the info here: At first, all was well and I was able to see events.

    At some point, the events were lost and now the calendar is totally blank. I just noticed it last night, so I'm not sure when it happened. I still have all the events on the Google Calendar.

    The calendar is shared with other people, so it's definitely made public (I verified the box was checked). The calendar syncs with my phone and is viewable/editable by other folks who have the calendar shared with them, so I know the calendar is actually being shared. I also tried the default embed HTML code and using the customize features - the visual changes are made but the events still don't show up on the embedded calendar.

    Thanks for any help in resolving this problem!
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  2. Hi there, it looks like your calendar is only shared with specific people, and is not public. When I view your site, I see this message "Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them." Screenshot:

    So it looks like the calendar you'd like to share is not publicly available. Would you mind checking the options again to make sure that its viewable by everyone (while only designated people can edit the events)?

  3. Hi Jenia,

    "Make this calendar public" was definitely checked. I could uncheck the box, click Save, and then when I went back into the calendar settings the box would still be checked.

    Now, the box is unchecked and nothing I can do will check it. Argh!

    I'm going to try removing all of the people sharing the calendar, making the calendar public, then adding people again. Maybe that will work.

  4. Sorry, sounds like it's something with the Goodle Calendar, rather than an issue with embeds on our side. I wish I could help more. Let me know if you need any more assistance with this once you are able to make the calendar public again.

  5. Hi Jenia,

    After deleting all other people, unsharing, and then resharing (publicly) the calendar, it appears on the site. I was able to add other folks and I still see events on the embedded calendar.

    Hopefully you (and everyone else) are able to see events too. Thanks for your help!

  6. The calendar is showing up for me:


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