How can I bulk upload multiple documents??

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    I have a number of text documents on my computer which are in many different file types as I use both Mac and PC. Basically I am wondering whether I can upload all of them in a quick and simple way, and if not is there any method i could use that would allow me to achieve this???




    You should be able to upload multiple documents of allowed file types. Ctrl+click to multiple select.


    Yes you can, via the Upload/Insert Media button of the post or page editor (or via Media > Add New), provided that: a) you’ve put all of them and only them in the same folder in your computer, b) you use the Flash uploader, c) they are allowed file types.

    But are you sure you need that? It’s only useful if you’re going to insert them all into the same post. If not, you’ll then have to open each one in turn in your Media Library to get its URL or otherwise attach it to a post, so you’re not gaining anything.



    Also note that Scribd is now embeddable at, so you may want to explore that idea as well.

    You appear to have a private blog so check how it may work.



    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeh i dont want them all in the same post; i want each file to be in its own post. Are you saying that that is not possible??


    So, you can upload them all at once into the Media Library. It’s just that when you insert them into a post or page so that people can access them, you will need to insert links to them one at a time. You cannot upload and insert them to different posts all in one step.

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