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How can I cancel my subscription?

  1. How can I cancel my subscription? I have a blog with a domain subscription and I need to cancel the subscription and also cancel the blog.

    Great service. I am just making changes.

    Thank you.

  2. If your site is hosted on and you purchased your domain name through them, you can request a refund via your Dashboard>Store>Domains within the 48 hour refund period after purchase. After that, you cannot refund, but you can transfer your domain to a different registrar after the 60 day waiting period that ICANN requires. Meantime, you can set up your DNS pointers to your new hosting. See here:

    As far as cancelling the blog, you can either delete it (but don't do it until you've successfully imported your XML file that you exported here) or set it to Private and keep it as .

  3. If you are talking instead about domain mapping, that can be refunded within 30 days of purchase and also requested through the Dashboard>Store

    See here:

  4. Whoops! Just noticed I didn't finish my last sentence in my first reply.

    or set it to Private and keep it as a backup.

  5. Thank you. I have had my domain for about 8 months, but I am not lookng for any refund. I do not want to be charged again and I would like to cancel the domain, then the blog. Thanks again.

  6. If you have "autorenew" in your renewal settings, then disable it. You'll continue to own the domain until it expires in 4 months, as the purchase is annual.

    As far as cancelling the blog, I gave suggestions above. If I misunderstood your intention, please let me know.

  7. Thank you, Jennifer. You have been a great help. I appreciate your time :)

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