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How can I categorize pages?

  1. Hi there!
    Everywhere I look I seem to find the same answer: categories are meant for posts and not for pages (meaning pages, unlike posts, cannot be categorized). However, both the and support pages seem to have category pages that list pages (and not posts).

    As an example, I can think of these two category pages:

    Is that a feature or you guys at do not use WordPress for your support website? ^^
    Maybe there is a trick out there that we newbies ignore?

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Uh, you have misunderstood something. The Support site is not run on WordPress; it is run on BBPress. It's not a blog.

  3. Oh! I had no idea, thanks for the information raincoaster! that explains everything I suppose :)
    Is it a free tool like (I am reading the about page of BBPress now ^^)

  4. Yes, it's free, but you have to find hosting for it, which is not free.

  5. Thanks for the information ^^
    Do you know however how can one more or less categorize pages in ? A workaround for that? (other than custom menus, something more automatic than that).

  6. Or do you know how I can create category pages containing links to pages?

    I know I can create category menus and add pages to the menu. But can I display this category menu as a page?

    Thanks for your help.

  7. You cannot categorize pages in

  8. what about the other workarounds?

  9. can you categorize pages in though?

  10. I hope I understood your need right, and have the following suggestion
    as a workaround.
    What I can think of is you make one Parent Page, then in the contents you have links to your other pages.

    So say, you are posting Recipes and have recipes for breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
    Main Page -> Recipes
    where you can then link to Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner pages

    So your individual recipes are categorized under Breakfast,etc., while categorized under Recipes as a whole.

  11. Hi sameernahar,
    this is a nice workaround, thanks :)
    If I understand properly, this would imply creating a Recipes page (so that it behaves like a recipes category page) and adding Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as subpages of Recipes.

    I was looking for something more automatic though, so that whenever I create a Calzone page (say) it appears both under Recipes AND Italian Food (categories/pages) ^^
    Furthermore, I cannot have Calzone both as a subpage of Recipes AND Italian Food. This is a limitation in terms of content organization and categorization.

  12. What I would do is add Recipe, Breakfast, and Italian food, as all categories of Calzone.
    That way it would be available to anyone looking under any of the 3 possibilities(Recipe, Breakfast, Italian food)

    In fact, if you try clicking any of the category item, it will list all the posts under that category.
    So it is sort of automatic :)

    If you want to go the "Page" approach, than i don't know any option of automatic updation, give that pages are mainly for static content.
    Technically speaking you could have Calzone as a subpage of both Recipes and Italian Food.
    But its more about how you want to organize the structure to reach Calazone

    I am confident though that there might be some JavaScript to do that automatically, but don't think its present here.

  13. thanks for your answer, sameernahar :)
    Categories work for posts only, indeed. I am convinced ^^
    But I insist on grouping pages. I'd like to know (if possible).
    I have created another forum topic in fact, this time on grouping (rather than categorizing) pages. I wonder if grouping is possible by either showing the contents of a custom menu as a page, or by having pages with more than one parent.
    Let's see.

  14. thistimethisspace

  15. well, you are wrong, thistimethisspace.

    Relevant answers still welcomed.

  16. thistimethisspace

    Why are you creating duplicate threads? Stop doing that please as it's wasting Volunteer time to have to keep telling you over and over again in thread after thread that there is no way to group Pages by Categories because we cannot assign Categories to Pages; we can only assign them to Posts.

  17. thistimethisspace

    Wrong about what?


  19. thistimethisspace

    Categories work for posts only, indeed. I am convinced ^^
    But I insist on grouping pages. I'd like to know (if possible).

  20. You are wrong that not all threads are related to the [display-posts] plugin. If seen your answers in other posts, you don't seem to know much about WordPress except post a post. So don't answer when you don't know the answer. That's all I can say.


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