How can i change fonts in my theme?

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    i purchased the custom CSS upgrade for my blog. I have very basic knowledge about CSS but basically i just wanted to tweak the theme i liked. I was able to change colors, bkg colors, borders etc but i want to upload my own custom fonts to my site. How do i go about doing that?



    The blog I need help with is



    can we have a link to your wordpress.COM blog?
    either way, you can’t upload custom fonts if you have a wordpress.COM blog


    You cannot upload fonts. If the fonts are not present on your visitor’s computers (loaded into their operating system), they will not see the fonts you have chosen.


    One other thing I would suggest is to not go with off-the-wall or obscure fonts that people are unlikely to have loaded on their computers. If your visitor’s computer does not have those fonts loaded, their browser is going to substitute something, and likely as not, it is going to substitute arial or times roman which will certainly not present your blog in the way you might want it.


    thesacredpath: Are there options regarding the font type for the basic (free) blog provided by WordPress? I can’t seem to find a way to change the font, but have noticed other blogs have varied fonts – I assume because they have purchased an upgrade? Thanks in advance.


    You can change fonts on a post by post basis using HTML. Search the FAQ’s for “fonts.”

    If you want to change them permanently, they you would have to have the paid CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience.



    hi all, i am new to this. Do i need to purchase the css to change the fonts?



    Read the post right above yours.


    Hi, I’m able to change settings on CSS but i can’t find the option to change the fonts… I’d like to put a new one that is certainly in every office pack… what do i have to do?
    Thanks and sorry about my bad english, i’m from argentina


    We need a link to the blog please.


    I want fonts of all sizes and colors of fonts. I also want the freedom to limit spaces between the lines. That will help us make our blog look attractive an more readable. Tell how could I do that. For example font sizes are there in blogspot but line spacing is not there so it makes it look too long. Lets have columns too at least three on a page. Make it better please.


    @thinkerwriter we need a link to the blog please.


    If this is the blog you are talking about, , then you would have to have experience editing CSS and the paid CSS upgrade.

    Do note that CSS is theme specific which means that if you modify the CSS for a theme and then switch themes, you will have to go in and modify the CSS for the new theme. The reason for this is that each theme author decides what they are going to name the different parts of the CSS.


    But you can change everything (font, size, color, line-spacing, etc.) in individual posts using html.


    I did that post by post thing for a while when I first started blogging and it is a pain in the a**. That’s my opinion of course.


    Don’t get me wrong, the HTML solution is OK for occasional changes, but in my opinion too much trouble for the average blogger if they want to change the same things on all posts.


    Yeah I agree (and I’m no friend of an all too colorful and varying appearance either). Just wanted to mention that changes are possible without CSS.

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