How can I change my font size?

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    The font size in my blog is too small. And I would like to make it bigger. How can I do that ?



    If you’d just like to make it larger for you, to make it easier to read, you can adjust the size in your browser (page>text size in IE)

    If you want to make it larger throughout your blog, for everyone to see, you can do that with the css upgrade:


    Another easy method I found recently was:
    under “Manage”, “Posts”, click ‘edit’ of the relevant post.
    Click ‘ Show Advanced Toolbar’ or (Alt+v).
    Then click the Format button. You will find ‘Heading 1’ and so on up to ‘6’.
    ‘1’ is the largest size of the Font while ‘6’ is the smallest. Before doing this you must select the required text.
    And finally ‘save’.

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