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How can I change my header?

  1. livingbetterme

    Hi there,
    By looking at my site and you can see what template I use, how can I change my header so I can replace it with a customer .jpg image?
    Also, how can I fix my site so it's a fixed site and not one that is flexible when you move/resize your browser window ?
    Thank you,
    Blog url:

  2. You would be able to do both of these things with a custom CSS upgrade. That would let you fully control the visual appearance of your site.

  3. livingbetterme

    I do have that option, I just don't know how or where in the CSS Code I can make the changes.....? Any help here would be great as well as MUCH appreciated. Thanks for replying so quickly too!

  4. I found that is using the Fadtastic theme right now.

    For that theme, you might try something like this to switch out the header:

    #header_effect {
    background-image: url(IMAGE_URL);

    Replace IMAGE_URL with the image URL.

    And you could try something like this to make the site not flexible:

    #wrapper {
    width: 1400px;
  5. livingbetterme

    Great! I'll give that a try tomorrow and let you know how it works out! You guys are great! Thank you !!!

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