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How can I change my Twitter sharing button username?

  1. The Twitter sharing button is using “via @SportLS” - my old twitter account, but I want it to use my new Twitter username, which is "@Three_Set". I have tried changing all this and used the 'sharing' sidebar to deactivate "SportLS" with the blog, and activate "Three_Sets" with the blog instead.
    However, when I click on the Twitter button to share a blog post, it says "via @SportLS" every time. How do I get rid of sportls and bring in three_sets instead?
    Blog url:

  2. If you have Publicize enabled, disable it first. Then start over with a new widget and new information for Publicize.

  3. Thanks, I've just gone through all that you suggested and it still says 'via @sportls'. Something tells me there may be a something in the settings of my account that has the old twitter username somewhere but I just can't think where……… Thanks anyway, much appreciated

  4. Sidebars are cached for up to a half hour. You may have to disconnect it for a day.

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