How can I change the color of my post titles?

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    I am using the Ambiru theme, and I’m OK with the default font and size for my post titles. The rest of my graphics are black and white, though, so I’d like to change the title’s color from green to black. Can I do this in HTML, or something? I know how to change font and color for the body of my post, but not the title.
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    I’m afraid that the only way to change all titles’ font color is by using the Custom Design upgrade.



    Aha. Thanks for the information. I notice you said the upgrade changes ‘all’ titles. Is there a way to change just 1 post’s title font color? Do you need to get the upgrade for that?
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    Actually there is no way to change just one title with the upgrade. Since it allows you to change the CSS of your blog, it would apply to all titles.

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