How can I change the CSS to not include the sidebar on a Page?

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    I need to make a new page and I forgot how I removed the sidebar on the other pages I already made.

    If you look here at the new page I created the sidebar is still there.

    If you look here at the about page which I made a while ago the sidebar is not there.

    I remember someone in the forums helping me by giving me some CSS code to copy and paste but I do not remember what the code is and where to paste it.

    The blog I need help with is


    Steira’s a bit quirky. It displays the sidebar on pages only if comments are completely disabled. On your page, you have trackbacks (a type of comment) enabled and so the sidebar would normally display a “Comments are closed” bit of text, but you have this in your CSS to hide it:

    p.nocomments {

    This page is setup the same way:

    To make other pages work the same as those, open the page for editing, uncheck the ‘Allow comments’ checkbox, check the ‘Allow trackbacks’ checkbox, and save changes.

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