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How can I change the "from" address which displays to my email followers?

  1. Help! My email followers are receiving my new posts from the email: David Hopkin's Photography Blog. This is not me! I do know this person, however, and am following his blog, but why has it hijacked my account?!
    I can't find out how to change which email displays anywhere. This seems to be a glitch in the system.
    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you mean that posts from come through with that title, or your followers are receiving new posts made on the other blog?

  3. Hey macmanx,
    My email followers are receiving new posts from my blog, so at least that's in order.. but the glitch is very bizarre.
    It says 'Nasuna Photography', the title of my blog, as the header in the general inbox, but once you click on an individual message, it says it's "from" David Hopkin's Photography Blog.
    So far, one of my followers has simply renamed that contact in her address book, so that future posts will come through with my name. Not sure where to change this or why it's happening.

    On another note, when I click on "Categories" in my sidebar, some of the thumbnails either don't display or are incorrect...

    Thanks so much in advance for your time!

  4. Oh, that's a "glitch" in whichever email (or webmail) client they're using.

    Basically, all subscription emails are sent from the same address, so the email client is recording the first blog that it ever received those emails from as the name on the "contact". For example, in the case of your follower who changed the contact name to your blog, all subscription emails from blogs will now have your blog's name in the From field.

    Unfortunately, this is not something that we have control over.

    Regarding your categories, do you have a specific one that I should look at? They all seem to be working fine to me.

  5. Oh I see, that makes sense actually. All right well from now on it should be resolved.
    As for the thumbnails, I did some fiddling around and found that if I set the feature image for each post, then it results in a thumbnail display. Just changed them within the last 30 min so I guess you checked just in time!
    The thumbnails don't seem to always show through publicize to facebook, however. Or rather, when it posts directly to my wall it does, but as soon as I "share" it with others, it loses the thumbnail.
    Any ideas? Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of this....

    Thanks for all your help!

  6. The thumbnail choice is really up to Facebook and whichever image criteria they're using at the time, but if you set a Featured Image, they should choose that most of the time.

  7. Ok. Thanks macmanx. If I simply post a direct link on their wall instead of sharing, it seems to work fine.

  8. You're welcome!

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