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How can I change the "nav bar" color?

  1. Hi!
    First, I don't speak english but I'll try to be simple on my question.

    I have a basic wordpress blog and staterd to learn about tools, but I don't know if I can change the navbar* color (without css customization tool).

    Can I change it?... maybe I have to buy the css tool, isn't it?
    I hope you can help me!

    Have a nice day, WordPress community! ;)

    *navbar: navigation bar, with admin or user's controls like "My Account" | "My Dashboard" | New Post | ...and other stuff =p

  2. I am afraid not. I don't know if anyone has even tried to change the color of the admin bar by using the CSS upgrade......might be worth a shot! Easy enough to get the code by looking at the page source....


  3. All those with blogs that are hosted by have a blue navigation bar at the top. The blue navigation bar can be seen only by those who are signed into Is this what you are referring to?

  4. Thanks, trent! ;)

    I was thinking about the css upgrade (i wrote "css customization tool" 'cause I forgot the name =p ) .
    Sometimes the admin bar don't matches with your blog's template, and I was trying to find some settings for it on the Dashboard menu.

    ..... maybe it's time to take the Upgrade and work directly with css! xD

    Thanks, again, trent!

  5. Should be able to. It's just CSS and the user created CSS loads last.

  6. it would be possible with CSS, but keep in mind that it only appears to other members, who use it for accessing their own dashboard. staff have explicitly asked us not to change it:

  7. Oops, had forgotten about that. :)

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