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How can I change the size of the video?

  1. knowmorerobertmac

    Changing the video player size isn't working. I have Video Press and added w=640 to the short code, but the size remains the same. In fact, that line (w=640) disappears when I refresh the page, but other changes I make (to the text, for instance) remain.

    The clip in question is the first of two on, linked with "click here for a sample."

  2. On this page:

    The video shortcode is:

    [wpvideo lwuMzeOv]

    You should try changing it to:

    [wpvideo lwuMzeOv w=640]

    Using the HTML editor:

  3. knowmorerobertmac

    Hi, and thanks for the quick response. I've been changing the shortcode in the "edit media" section, not in the post section. No wonder it didn't work--thanks!


  4. Aha! Well, I'm glad I could help you sort it out!

    It still kind of looks like you have some extraneous code in there for some reason (actually, that indicates a bad cut/paste might be the original culprit). Try viewing that same page again, and make sure to click the Text tab at the top right of the edit area.

    I see this:

    [wpvideo lwuMzeOv w=640<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: 26px; font-weight: bold;"><span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: 13px; font-weight: normal;">]</span></span>

    But it should be this:

    [wpvideo lwuMzeOv w=640]

    Watch out for that kind of thing in the future, it could definitely cause similar sizing troubles (or other unexpected troubles) if you have extra HTML sneaking into your pastes.

  5. knowmorerobertmac

    Where do you see all that code? I only see the [wpvideo lwuMzeOv w=640]. Now I'm worried . . .

    I think the original problem was that I was trying to add w=640 to the media section, not the post. But now I'm concerned about all that gibberish. Why can't I see it?

  6. Where do you see all that code? I only see the [wpvideo lwuMzeOv w=640]. Now I'm worried . . .

    You can see the code by using the Text tab at the top right of the editor:

  7. knowmorerobertmac

    Thanks again--found it and fixed it. Appreciate the help!

  8. Awesome! :)

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