How can I change theme safely?

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    Hello fellow WordPressers,
    I’d like to change a theme on my website to a newer one. I know that I can choose one, click install and change it. But there’s a lot of information, everything is so old and I just want to make sure first

    Is there a way I can “mirror” my current website, do all the changes there and just switch traffic/ swap them/ use new one as a current?

    I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to cure all issues that might appear in a couple of hours so I want to test it first




    Theme changes are safe, the most work you’ll have to do after changing _may_ be to re-assign your widgets to new widget areas (they’ll be stored in the Inactive Widgets area until then), and re-assign your menu to a new menu location. It’s of course also possible you won’t need to do any of that.

    Overall, just about 5 minutes or less of “clean up work” after changing a theme. :)

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