How can I change what the browser’s title bar says (NOT the blog title)

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    Hey I am new to all of this, and wanted to know how to change what the blue title bar at the top of the browser says without altering the proper title of the blog itself. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as I am a newb to HTML and WordPress.




    You cannot change the URL without the Domain Name upgrade. Tips on that are in the FAQ.


    What shows in the title bar is the name of your blog which you can change by going to options > general and changing it there. Of course, that also changed the name of the blog that shows in your header area.



    You cannot make individual changes to the blue bar, since it’s a central tool common to all users. But I couldn’t find a blog corresponding to your name, so you probably have a self hosted wordpress installation. In that case it is for sure possible, but we cannot help you here on this forum.

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