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How can I check how many people subscribe to my blog?

  1. I finally learned how to install plugins on my blog. I am not computer savvy, but I feel like I have checked around my dashboard and can't find the answer. I recently installed a plugin called add-to-any subscription button. I know people have been subscribing to my blog (at least one because I registered my email address). How do I check to see how many people are subscribed to my blog? The plug in is apparently run by a company called Feedblitz. I went to their site and it looks like they sell their service. Does this mean I have to pay them to find out how many people subscribe to my blog? Or am I completely off base here and there is an easy way? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The blog you specified at does not appear to be hosted at

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  3. I thought the dashboard has all that information?

  4. nadia,
    The OP is asking about plugins, which indicates that he is not asking about a wordpress.COM blog, but about a self-hosted wordpress.ORG installation. While similar, they are very different animals. The dashboard on a .ORG blog is different from the dashboard on a .COM blog.

  5. can you guys please tell me how to know who subscribe to my blog via email and/or RSS then? Thanks!

  6. additional info: I see this in my stats section

    Email Subscribers
    Blog:0 active
    Comments:1 subscriber, 1 subscription

    but cannot find a way to find who the subscriber is. Thanks!

  7. but I cannot find a way to find who the subscriber is

    There is no way to find out.

  8. that's a bit weird in terms of promoting publicity and connection - should you not have the opportunity to contact people interested in what you're saying?

    but anyhow, I have full confidence in your verdict, husdal :)

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