How Can I Choose a Post Thumbnail?

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    I want to display a featured image (NOT a custom header) for each post, and I notice that wordpress does this randomly. When I view my new posts on or similar, I want to be able to choose a thumbnail which represents an individual post. Unfortunately, the Set Featured Image function mistakenly alters my custom header, which I don’t want to change. I’m really frustrated. My theme is Pilcrow. Also there seems to be a lot of problems with a featured image appearing on facebook, again with random images being chosen. There seem to be a lot of people having these problems, as a quick search on Google reveals. Any chance you can sort this?

    Thanks, Mark Wallis.
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    Images are chosen based on a set of criteria, so there’s no way to force it.

    As for featured images, your theme displays them as a custom header for just the post only. Other themes handle them differently.



    Thanks for responding so quickly. It does seem a bit illogical that we can’t choose our own images, and why would anyone want to change their header, particularly when they’ve already gone to the trouble of customizing it? It’s such an odd shape too (in some themes) which doesn’t lend itself to featured images. It’s a headache.

    I love blogging with WordPress, but I would like to see some basic plumbing issues resolved!

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