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how can i clear my blog (all content and design)

  1. i want to empty my blog but maintain just the domain

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Since you have so few entries, you can just go to your Dashboard Posts page and use the bulk editor to select 20 at a time and delete them that way until they're all gone.

  3. You can quickly remove your contents by deleting them in bulk.
    Alternatively, we can empty the whole blog for you, but that will remove all data including posts, pages, tags, categories, comments, and uploaded files.
    Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

    If you are sure you want to proceed, please reply to confirm the name of the blog you want us to empty.

  4. Thanks Raincoaster & Kardotim,

    The name of the blog is and I would like to confirm that I'd like its name and content permenantly deleted.

    I have now set up an alternative blog using WordPress, which works very well as a website, and would prefer that there were now possibility of confusion with another similarly named blog.

  5. @cmweb2013 You are not the owner of that blog. Please make sure that you log into the correct account to verify the ownership of the blog.

  6. Hi, Sorry about that. I've now logged in to the account that I'd like deleted. Thanks.

  7. The blog has been deleted as requested.

  8. Thank you very much.

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