How can I comment or like other people's blogs?

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    Hi! I am having problems on other people’s blogs. When I try to comment or when I hit the like button nothing happens. It only works with the facebook plug-in. Please help, thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    It could just be your computer / laptop browser etc.. I know at times when the internet is slow, I use the left click button; on my laptop, instead of just tapping the scroll area.. and hold that left button, for a little while to make sure it loads..
    Hope that helps some.. :)



    Hmmm, trying it but it’s not working. When I hit like, even if I am signed into wordpress on another tab, it says I need to sign in. I do so and at the bottom of the page it says ‘waiting for…’ etc, then nothing, It’s a wordpress blog I’m looking at. I read somewhere that sometimes your ID gets sort of blacklisted for security reasons…could that be it??

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