How can I create a blog with a domain that I deleted from my other accout?

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    I deleted a blog domain because I didn’t want that account profile linked to it. I have another user account and I want to create a new blog using the domain that I deleted. I know that it is no longer a domain in use because I deleted it (and it’s so unique I know no one else is using it). But I keep trying to create the blog in my new account and it says that it’s already in use.



    You deleted it, and as all the warnings say, this is permanent and irreversible.



    PS – had you not deleted the blog you could have transferred it to your second account


    Auxclass – Yes I tried that first and it did not work.

    Raincoaster – I read all of the support and tried a few things first. It said it was permanent – which I assumed meant it was permanent for the other account user. Not that the domain would never ever be available again. It seems silly that it could never be used again.

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