How can I create a subscribe system?

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    How can I create a subscribe system? I need advices for how a subscribe system could show up on my blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    Search the FAQ on the terms “rss” and “email updates” and you’ll find the instructions.


    Can you please give me the direct link for the email update instructions? I’m tired of it, it’s hard to find the topic you’re telling me. I rather need the direct link.



    Well, aren’t we demanding? Here you go, princess:

    And you can configure e-mail subscription via feedburner –>


    Thanks. Anyway, why you said princess..?



    Because by refusing to search for the answer yourself, you made a complete stranger who didn’t need the answer in the first place do a search for it.



    And she made a not-so-complete stranger make a mental note never to help her again. She can pull her bratty routine on someone else.

    @arcadata – Thank you.


    Reading perfectionist’s posts it’s obvious she is not a native english speaker, which may be part of her problem in doing the search.

    Advice: If you’re not going to be generous in your help, don’t help.



    Oh, nice to meet you Prince Charming :-)

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