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How can i create an index for photos on my site?

  1. hi, i would like to be able to have an index on my site of photos on my blog. so visitors can select maybe a few tags and the option of a coupel of photos with that tag might come up.
    do i need to make posts for each image / photo with tags?
    do i use a sidebar widget?
    can the search feature widget be used for this and i just need to 'tag' my images already in my blog?
    i'm really not sure how to get the best most useable index...
    any help will be gratefully received!!
    Many Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no index page of which I am aware that can be automatically created. You can create a static page if you wish and do it manually but that's not a great solution.
    You can also creat a category for "images" and assign it to your posts with images in them. Then when your readers click it they will get all the posts with images in them.
    Are you aware of the Gallery feature?
    This is also a useful link for dealing with the gallery
    Hopefully another Volunteer will have another suggestion for you.

  3. Hi
    thanks timethief for your quick reply.
    maybe a gallery might work....
    i'm really looking for the option to type a tagword into my site and have a range of pics come up to view. i thought maybe there might be a way to use a widget so i don't have to do individual posts for each pic with tags!
    thanks again

  4. Gallery's are the best bet. Or, you can host off wordpress and link to another page.

  5. Gallery's are the best bet. Or, you can host off wordpress and link to another page.

  6. thanks for your reply's guys, i do appreciate it, i've been away so no blogging of late, will get back to it with your suggestions!
    thanks again

  7. fuse2,
    The Monotone theme shows all images as thumbnails in the "archives" page - works like a site index for photos.

    See an example here:

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